BTTC Integration Enhances BitTorrent Speed with Low Fees, High TPS, and Cross-Chain Compatibility

As a world-leading blockchain scaling solution, BTTC offers numerous benefits to its end-users, including low gas fees, high transaction per second (TPS) rates, and full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Additionally, it provides cross-chain services between heterogeneous blockchains, delivering a faster and more cost-effective solution.
BitTorrent Speed is releasing the support BTTC transactions this week, empowering its users to access these benefits regardless of the source of the tokens. Users will be able to enjoy ultra-high throughput and extremely low fees for both deposits and withdrawals, whether it’s tokens earned through BitTorrent Speed or tokens held in their blockchain wallet.
Overall, the introduction of BTTC support represents a significant enhancement to the BitTorrent ecosystem, offering users enhanced efficiency, affordability, and accessibility in their transactions.