List of DAPPs on BTTC


We need lending dApp

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The is also

  1. Infinitorrr

Have you checked ? Contracts verified and open.
We are a new community infiniTORR
we are launching in December our auction lobby and our swap in few days.

We are owners of T2X that was running for years in TRON.
Come check us Telegram: Contact @InfiniTorr

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We are @bitlend_finance looking forward for all the comments & recommendations! Happy to support you in anything!

I want to start a project of my own but don’t really have the resources?

Can Anyone help? The project is about recycling and lets people earn from participating

Add torrswap, Aquarius, multichain :rocket: Expect more APPs :rocket:

Hey there! Would you please add dCloud to your list? dCloud is a cross platform web3 scoops storage app powered by BTFS GitHub - simbadMarino/dCloud: dCloud: Web3 Cloud Storage App