Proposal: BTTC supports Ethereum finzalized


The BTTC chain currently uses 64 blocks as the number of blocks required for solidification on Ethereum, which is not suitable for the actual solidification situation of Ethereum 2.0. Ethereum 2.0 is already a final solidified block of POS consensus, and it is no longer probabilistic solidification. There have been cases where Ethereum failure resulted in more than 64 blocks not being solidified. If 64 blocks of Ethereum synchronized by BTTC are used as the number of solidified blocks, there is a risk that the transaction will be rolled back.


Bttc gets finalized blocks from Ethereum, they will act as the primary source of truth for block confirmations, with the MainchainTxConfirmations usage value as a fallback option.


Upgrade Description: Hard fork upgrade

Proposal Activation: Activated through on-chain proposal


Good improvement, it decreases the transaction risk.

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