Stop burning old torrent bits

I want the developer to stop burning the old BitTorrent, which has not been changed for a long time and has remained constant, and there is no point in repeating the notification about burning the old BitTorrent. This system should be stopped. Focus on the development of the BitTorrent ecosystem. do

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I completely agree with you. The conversion of BTTOLD to BTT burn the BTTOLD tokens and produce new BTT tokens. This process increase the number of the BTT tokens. It is a barrier for the increase of the BTT price. We should focus on the development of strong Bittorrent ecosystem.

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Exactly, I hope the developers will see our comments and stop burning the old Bittorrent and focus on developing the Bittorrent ecosystem. be torrent

Why conversion increased the number of the BTT tokens?

I think the supply is constant, just the precision is different