Tokens with unique names on BTTC

I have proposal for creation of tokens with unique names on the Bittorrent blockchain. If you create one token nobody can create another token with the same name. These tokens can represent different financial instruments like stocks, bonds, futures, options, commodities, fiat currencies, ETFs, mutual funds. Counterparty is similar token project on the Bitcoin blockchain.

These tokens also can have a link to a big file located on BTFS. For example video file. If you want to send this file to another person you just send the token to his wallet. He will click on the link and download the file.

Good idea, but how to achieve it?

I will organize a hackathon at the beginning of 2023 for this project. I already spoke with one company about this idea. The suggested me to use the platforms Discord and GitHub for hackathons.

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I want to create a tokenized stock token.

And a swap for it in the future.

Token Name: (PY) Purple Youth

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You can create your token on Ethereum, BSC or TRON and then submit mapping request for BTTC.