Why staking of BTT happens on TRON?

Someone please kindly explain this to me, why staking of BTT takes place on TRON instead of BTTC?

It’s supposed to be the native token of BTTC right?

I wanna to know too…

because BTTC is side chain?

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Copied from polygon, polygon staking is on ETH, BTTC staking is on TRON, I found this forum also seems to be copied from polygon forum. :+1:

In order to prevent the Validator from running away after BTTC service-down?

My theory is that BTT was born on TRON, original holders of BTT are familiar with TRON ecosystem so it’s easier to introduce staking using TRON, also if BTT completely leaves TRON TRX holders could feel a little bit concerned/ unhappy cuz less use case for TRX , just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Tron and BTTC is one big community!