Bittorrent-Chain delivery layer v1.0.5 Release!

Dear developers,

The Bittorrent-Chain has released a new version v1.0.5 to upgrade its delivery layer, the main modification includes: adding a rollback tool for delivery, and optimizing modification mechanism for chain parameters.

For release note, please refer to:

delivery : Release v1.0.5 · bttcprotocol/delivery · GitHub

Please note that:

  • The delivery service will be upgraded to version v1.0.5.
  • This is a mandatory upgrade, all nodes need to be updated to avoid sync issues.

For upgrading, please follow the steps below,

  1. Shutdown deliveryd /rest-server progress. If it is a validator node, shut down bridge as well;

  2. download or update the code to the latest version:

    $ git clone
    $ cd delivery
    $ git checkout v1.0.5
  3. Compile

    $ make install
  4. Check the version, and make sure it is 1.0.5.

    $ deliveryd version
  5. Initiate deliveryd / rest-server progress.

  6. If it is a validator node, then initiates the bridge process.

If there are any synchronization issues, please try the following steps:

  1. Stop delivery /rest-server processes.
  2. Use the following rollback command to fix recently abnormal blocks:
    $ deliveryd —-home ${deliveryd_home} rollback
  3. Restart deliveryd / rest-server process.

Please upgrade your node, and inform us when you finish the work so that we can trace the status and make sure your node works well.


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